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Message From the Director General  

Dr. Belayneh Ayele

Director General, ANRS Environment, Forest and Wildlife Conservation and Development Authority

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


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Environment is a scares resource that all citizens of the world have to care about. The vital source of resources that sustain life are derived from the environment. In spite of the fact that environment is scares resource, the way we handle it is not in a manner that ensures sustainability.  The level of the forest cover, the quality of the water and air, the level of the biodiversity in general is dwindling. Massive deforestation, air and water pollution, land degradation, over consumption of environmental resources, overgrazing, ill managed agricultural practices, have become the day to day phenomena of our time. Attributable to these actions, the global surface temperature is increasing causing climate change that finally yields climate related calamities like drought, elino and others. Although significant improvements are being achieved in incorporating environmental concerns in development projects, there are tendencies of omitting environmental Impact assessment procedures in development projects. There are also plenty of cases where EIA is being prepared for projects but promised actions are not implemented. This is due to the rent seeking behavior of developers and the incapability of the competent authority to follow and regulate illegal actions and take timely corrective measures. As a result, citizen’s right to environment guaranteed by the constitution of the government of Ethiopia is being violated knowingly or unknowingly.

The Amhara National Regional State, one of the federal states in Ethiopia is struggling to conserve the environmental resources of the state thereby enhancing the economic sector. In order to lead, coordinate and implement environmental, forest and wildlife conservation and development issues, the Amhara National Regional State has established the Environmental, Forest and Wildlife Protection and Development Authority to the mission.  The authority do have a regulatory role and accountable to the Regional President.

The authority being the regional hub for coordinating the country’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE), is committed to be forefront and supportive the sectors that are supposed to be involved in the emission reduction. CRGE has become the identity brand for the government of Ethiopia where she promised to be model in reducing greenhouse gas emissions levels to the lowest level possible. Hence, we call all concerned bodies to work with us to realize this important strategy.




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